About Us

Cadet College Club Limited was established on 14th April 2003 with an aim to become a privileged assembly of all ex-cadets from all Cadet Colleges. It is an influential alliance of unity to foster friendship and brotherhood. It also serves as a social establishment to contribute towards the debt to the nation. Read More

The vision of the Club is to provide a platform for the ex-cadets of the Cadet Colleges to interact among themselves socially, culturally and professionally.


The Mission of the Club is to create recreational facilities for the members and their families. The mission also includes developing institutions such as healthcare facilities, educational facilities and employment generation programmes as part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR).


The actions of the Club are based on its vision and mission. Apart from providing recreational and entertainment facilities to the members, the Club participates in disaster management programmes. Future programmes of the include development of the Club complex integrated with other social programmes.

Club Facilities

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